Brandon Cole Gerber

Financial Advisor

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Brandon is passionate about living a life by design not by chance. His desire is to be on a disciplined pursuit of less, but better, by not succeeding at things in life that do not matter. The goal of his life is to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with 1 billion people to have an eternal impact in God's kingdom. When he stands before God at the end of his life, he hopes that he would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say, 'I used everything you gave me.'"

He believes that to fill your life with passion, you must dig deep and discover what you are passionate about - and then design your life to achieve that purpose. The fundamental difference between living by default and living by design is that to live by design is to live purposefully. A proper vision enables us to take proactive steps to achieve it. Successful living requires us to push beyond our comfort zone, to take risks, and to grow. A life lived by default is a life lived in reaction. It is a life spent doing what you should do or have to do rather than what you want to do.

Brandon has been taught something priceless: the intrinsic value of time - not just the importance of the hours ticking away, but also that the way a person spends time solely dictates the fulfillment he or she experiences in life. A person's schedule represents his or her life, and it is therefore the single most important tool in creating a life by design.

He believes that a calling is a Divine reason for doing something, that it is all about Kingdom impact, that it is always bigger than him, that it always demands God, and that it is not a career. Brandon believes that a calling is characterized by passion, ability, experience, and opportunity.

Brandon believes the best question we can ask each other is, "What do you think God would have you to do?"

He is energized by connecting with people, sharing ideas, and serving as a leader. He defines a leader as a person who influences people to accomplish a noble purpose.

Brandon also believes that money is a tool to be used to achieve God-given goals and purposes (Philippians 4:11-13). He believes money is also a test (Luke 16:11) as well as a testimony (Matthew 5:13-16). He does not believe money is a measure of self-worth, a reward for godly living, a guarantee of contentment, or a measure of success.

He believes goals are something everyone should have. He enjoys discussing why we should set goals, why we don't set goals, how to not set goals, how to set a faith goal, and the profound impact of setting and reaching a faith goal.

A lifetime resident of Northern Indiana, Brandon lives just south of Fort Wayne, in Wells County with his wife, Megan, who he married on November 12th, 2017.



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